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The heart of Namibia, Windhoek, possesses a unique charm due to its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people. It serves as a strategic point from which to ... go there

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Windhoek - City of Many Faces. Pulsing with life, opportunity and the promise of adventure, Windhoek is a multicultural city, characterised by the tranquil co-existence and ample lebensraum for its people ...go there

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The City as the capital in a well-organized country, possess the necessary infrastructure and services in place to attract key industry players. ...go there

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Council is the highest decision making body of the Windhoek municipality. Windhoek is run by a multi-party organ of 15 Councillors
...go there

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The charm of the City of Windhoek lies in its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people. Since Independence came to the country on 21 March 1990, ...go there

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The City of Windhoek consists of the 9 departments, which are geared towards increasing service delivery to the residents of the Capital...go there

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This portal is designed to keep the media informed of what is happening within the City of Windhoek. All media will be able to log onto the portal with their user details to access documents relevant for publication ...go there
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Dept. of Office of the CEO

  • Transformational Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Strategic Plan - Download PDF
  • Transformational Strategic Plan 2017-2022 A5 Strategic plan at a glance booklet - Download PDF
  • Transformational Strategic Plan 2017-2022 A6 Pocket booklet - Download PDF

Dept. of Infrastructure, Water and Technical Services

Dept. of Economic Development & Community Services

Annual Mayoral Report

Private Development Agreements

  • MOA Section 4A_Councils Standard Technical Requirements - Download PDF
  • WCCD 04-2012/WCCD 03-2014 - Projects Exceeding 5Mil 31-07-2013 - Download PDF
  • WCCD 06-2013/WCCD 03-2014 - Projects Between N$1 Million and N$5 Million - Download PDF


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